radio2.jpgIf you listened to the “Inside Son Power Radio” program you probably have heard about our Shortwave Radio Promotion.   For a limited time we have available these excellent AM, FM stereo and shortwave radios.
This radio uses a state-of-the-art DSP microchips (made in the USA) to easily tune in your favorite station.  This modern technology adds increased sensitivity and selectivity, which helps overcome noise and interference.  The radio even features the ability to listen to Shortwave in the Single Sideband Mode (SSB) a feature generally only found in far more expensive radios.
The radio features station memory to quickly find your favorite stations regardless of the band. It even can serve as an alarm clock. The radio comes with a carrying case, earbuds, long-wire extension antenna for enhanced shortwave and a high sensitivity AM antenna to pull in distant conventional AM stations.



Imagine, being able to “tune in the world” with this small but powerful radio.
For your gift to the ministry of $110.00 this radio will be yours, shipping included to anywhere in the world*.  Gifts in multiples of $110.00 will provide additional radios.  These radios would make a great gift.
In times of emergencies Shortwave can provide the vital information you may need.
To get this radio simply send your gift of $110.00 to:
Sun Power Radio
P.O. Box 690069
Vero Beach, FL  32969 USA
* International shipping can take as long as 2 months.