(From Georgia) Please keep our family in your prayers, as we are facing a difficult time with one of our sons.

(From Ohio) Pray for God to meet our financial needs.

(From Pennsylvania) Pray for my husband who is having heart problems.

(From Arizona) Please pray for our nation.

(From Florida) Pray that my sons job interview may go well...that he may be freed from bipolar symptoms, free of anger.......your sister In Christ

(From California) Please pray for Jaime as he rests that he will wake up with no back pain or cravings for drugs and alcohol, God put a new spirit in him free of fear doubts and insecurities.

(From Utah)Please pray for my family and I right now.I have a lot going on and am overwhelmed and need God to give me the strength to be ok and know that everything's going to be good.I'm scared and depressed and really need ... pray that I am productive and that things work out for us financially today and that all our loved ones and myself are safe and no harm or troubles come to us.I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ ... you and God bless you.