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 9395 KHz

Good evening,

QSO report from Western NC:

Great reception every night at 9 PM EST on 5.850 MHz. Very clear, strong signal on my Kenwood HF Transceiver. Been listening to Rick since early on, '99 or so.

Keep up the good work!.

I listen vía portable SW radio at 9395 kHz in Minneapolis, MN. Enjoying the show by Bob Biermann in the evenings when the sun sets and reception is best.

Keep spreading the truth!


I found out about your SW broadcast by listening to Trunews on Youtube this past week, so I thought I would listen. Here are the details of my report:

Date: 11/8/2015

Time: 21:05 - 21:59 UTC

Receiver: Zenith, Trans-Oceanic Royal D7000Y

Antenna: Indoor, 55 inch vertical telescopic (integral w/ receiver)

Frequency: 9395 kHz

S: 5

I: 5

N: 4

F: 4

O: 4

I found the music to be uplifting and now that I'm aware of your SW broadcast, I want to listen frequently. May God Bless your ministry!

In Christ,


Conway, SC

I live at Priest Lake, in the far north of Idaho. I just put a long-wire antenna to be able to receive short wave radio. I am getting a clear signal at 9395 at 05:00 UTC. Your broadcasts are exactly what I’m looking for thanks so much!

I also do a 2-hour morning radio show starting at 06:00 Pacific time, over CIDO up in Crescent, BC, Canada. I understand your struggle in trying to spread the word about current world events. People don’t seem to want to hear the bad news about what’s going on in the world. I also talk about this on my web site at where I feature outdoor nature photography. Getting the world out is really a struggle, as I’m sure you well know.

I just got my short wave radio so that I would be able to keep up on what is going on when things crash. I am so pleased to have found your station on my very first night of searching the world-wide radio frequencies. I’m always looking for information that I can pass on to my small listening audience up in Creston, B.C. Your 9395 frequency is now entered into my radio’s memory. Thanks, and keep up the good work.

Ed …. Priest Lake, Idaho

Yea God!!! Greetings from Canada’s East Gate-Nova Scotia! Heard Rick Wiles on my new Solar radio SW 9.3 :-) How can I hear from your website?

Sending a wave of Holy Ghost blessings!


From Texas:

“Excellent signal this morning into Central Texas with my Yaesu FT-950 with a vertical antenna. I start my mornings listening to you at home then while I drive to work. Keep up the great work!”

From New Jersey:

“Excellent signal on 9395 KHz, listened to Point of View. They were talking about Christian health ministries. Now listening to the American Center for Law and Justice, talking about protecting Christians from persecution around the world.”

From Germany:

“Details: Jim Bakker Show followed by identification “Son Power Radio” at 04.00 UTC with P.O.Box address at Vero Beach, Florida, I would be pleased, if you could confirm this report by your QSL-card.”

From Knoxville, TN:

Enjoyed the TruNews show. Signal was good readable with some fading and static (QRN) in Knoxville, TN area.